Home Design Therapy

Redesigning your home can change your life!!

Does your home nurture, inspire, motivate, embrace, and empower you?
Do you live in your whole house?
Does your house define you and your dreams?
What do you really want from your home?

Home Design Therapy is a great way to discover how your home should look and function — emotionally as well as practically.
Home Design Therapy gives you the keys to understanding your personal style, gaining control of the hot spots and creating a beautiful fully functional home that uplifts your spirit and agrees with your lifestyle.
Home Design Therapy takes an organized approach to learning who you are and what your heart desires. Together we will create the home of your dreams. We achieve your unique home solutions through individualized Design Coaching.
How you live defines you!!
Not just to yourself, but to others as well. Your home can affect your position in the world and quality of your relationships. Your home’s design and functionality send you daily messages about your talents, your work and your relationships. You start creating an empowering home— one that supports you instead of weakening you, by shaking loose from the old labels that don’t fit, defining yourself and your dreams, and making room for that in your home.

Be candid and ask yourself these three questions:
1. The message my home gives to visitors is ________________
2. The message my home gives to me is ________________
3. The message I want to be giving to myself and the world is _____________

Home Design Therapy provides a comfortable design environment where you are in control. With traditional interior design or decorating, the designer is there to sell you “stuff.” Your Design Coach is there to discover your needs, share her knowledge, and offer you options and flexibility.
Home Design Therapy teaches you how to look at the things you have that define you. We weed out the items that you don’t absolutely love or need.
Then we guide you in either re-purposing existing items or sourcing new beautiful Prescription of Action to make home design changes in a relaxed “Step-by-Step” manner and time frame that are comfortable for you. We create the organization and support for you to complete “Do-It-Yourself” projects utilizing our guidance and expertise.

Your Home Design Therapy Design Coach is happy to share our trade resources and allow you to negotiate your own best prices.

  • We can provide selections and sources for art, furnishings, storage components, paint colors, faux finishes, material finishes, cabinetry, interior architectural details, fabrics, window treatments and all of the items that make up your unique home design.
  • We present solutions and allow you the freedom to select your best purchase options. You are never expected to purchase through us.
  • If it is your desire, full purchasing, installation and turn-key services and available.

Home Design Therapy is customized to fit Your Needs, Your Budget, Your Resources, Your Schedule , Your Lifestyle, and Your Dreams. It’s all about YOU!!!
Home Design Therapy starts with our 10 Keys to an Empowering Home QUIZ.
Your design coach follows up with a FREE ½ hour phone or in-person consulation.
If the initial FREE Home Design Therapy consultation is a fit, we move to a 2 hour in-home consultation ($300) where we gather the infromation that we need to create your individual Written Prescrition of Action.
The Written Prescription of Action is presented to you in person.
Home Design Therapy Design Coaching requires a time commitment to move foward. We use a time-efficient combination of phone conversations, e-mails, homework, and visits to your home and Design Studio meetings.

Together we will create more than just a place to live, but a home designed to nurture your spirit, comfort your soul, save you time and empower you to live your best life!!

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Take the Empowering Home Quiz

10 Keys to an Empowering Home Quiz


  1. The Key of Individuality
    Does your home reflect your personality?
    – Do you love everything in your home?
    – Do you enjoy being in every room?
    – Is your house decorated for others?
    – Does your home define you and your dreams?
    – Do Sentimental items enrich your life?
    – Do you enjoy art and music in your home?
    – What makes you unique?
    – Can you be your True Self in your home? 
  2.  The Key of Renewal
    – Do you have spaces that nurture you?
    – Is there calm or chaos?
    – Do you have a space for meditation or prayer?
    – Can you relax and concentrate?
    – Is your bathroom a place to rejuvenate?  
  1. The Key of Family
    – Does each family member have their own unique space?
    – Do pets have a safe and calm space?
    – Does your home foster comfortable?
    – Do you have a place for creativity?
    – Do you need spaces to function for an elderly parent or other relative with mobility issues?
    – Do your kids have a designated homework space? Play space?
    – Do you have space for hobbies??
    – Does your home office work?
    – Can you travel?
    – Are there lifestyle conflicts?
    – Are there boundaries?
    – Does everyone have privacy?
  1. The Key of Community
    – Do you enjoy entertaining at home?
    – Does your neighborhood fit?
    – Do you feel safe?
    – Do you feel connected to your neighbors?
    – Do friends feel welcome at your home?
    – Do children feel welcome at your home? 
  1. The key of Sustainability
    – Do you live in your whole house?
    – Do you plan to live in your home for a long time?
    – Do you want to be “Green?”
    – Do you feel like your home is falling apart with repair projects, but you don’t know where to start?
    – Do you have projects that you can’t find the energy to finish?
    – Do you tolerate things for lack of time or space?
    – Do the materials in your home have a long lifespan?
    – Do you know how to maintain your home?
    – Do you want to choose new things that come from renewable resources? 
  2. The Key of Health
    – Do family members have allergies?
    – Does your home enhance your healthy?
    – How much stress are you adding to your life keeping up with your possessions?
    – Do you have space to exercise?
    – Do you enjoy your outdoor spaces?
    – Do you love your kitchen?
    – Do you plan to “Age-in-Place?”
    – Do you breathe, love, live, and laugh the way you want to? 
  3.  The Key of Beauty
    – Do you live in someone else’s decorated space?
    – Do you have sentimental things that you don’t love?
    – Is everything in your home either functional or beautiful?
    – Are you afraid to pick paint colors?
    – Do you love your artwork?
  4.  The Key of Comfort
    – Is your bed comfortable?
    – Do you have comfortable places for guests to sit?
    – Do piles of stuff get in the way?
    – Do you use the best linens?
    – Do your counter heights work for you?
    – Do you have “Unversal Design”, ADA features?
    – Are floors slippery?
    – Is your bath comfortable?
    – Is your house in harmony?
    – What good memories from your past have you brought into your house? 
  5.  The Key of Simplicity
    – Do you have space between your furniture?
    – Does your house overwhelm you?
    – Is there a place for everything?
    – Do you have more than you need or want?
    – Can you relax and concentrate?
    – Can you find things when you need them?
    – Do you have enough closets or storage?
    – Can you fit a car in your garage?
    – Can you enjoy your porch without having to move stuff?
    – Do you have collections that have taken over?
    – Is your house shrinking? 
  6.  The Key of Senses
    – Do you have daylight?
    – Do you need different lighting?
    – Do you hear pleasant and soothing sounds?
    – Does your house smell fresh?
    – Can you breathe fresh air?
    – Do the textures in your house invite you to feel?
    – Do you feel sexy and vibrant in your bedroom?
    – Do you enjoy growing herbs in your garden?
    – Do you enjoy cooking in your kitchen?
    – Does your home nurture, inspire, rejuvenate, and embrace you? 

What does Home Design Therapy involve?

  • We talk about the Architecture of your house to discover what works, what doesn’t and what you want to do about it.
  • We talk about how you like to live in your home.
  • We get the facts.
  • We define who you are and what you want.
  • We find out what obstacles are standing in the way.
  • We find out what’s lacking in your house.
  • We talk about safety elements.
  • We consider space and power.
  • We plan for the future. We set goals. We create a plan to meet those goals.
  • We plan for the big pictures, but start one room at a time.
  • We discover your personal style.
  • We explore shape, function, texture, continuity, mood color, and theme.
  • We bring it all together.
  • We discover inspirational photos.
  • We create To-Do lists.
  • We teach you design tips & techniques.
  • We find the best sources for you.
  • We do a WHOLE LOT MORE! Let’s Talk.

Home Design Therapy Rules

House Rules
1. Live in your whole house.
2. Keep it clean.
3. Comfort: First & Foremost
4. Lifestyle dictates design style
5. A show house is not a real house.
6. A place for everything and everything in its place

  1. Art is smart
  2. Set boundaries for room use.
  3. If it’s broke, fix it.
  4. The divine is in the details.
  5. White is for rentals.
  6. A space of one’s own for everyone, including pets
  7. Beautiful or functional: if it doesn’t make your life better, you don’t need it.
  8.  Keep it healthy.


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Firm Profile

Susan P. Berry, ASID created Home Design Therapy when she recognized the basic desire of people wanting a home that embraced their unique lives, rather than living in “decorated” rooms that were physically beautiful, but lacked true relationship. She found herself coaching her clients into making their own best design choices. Susan’s credentials include numerous design industry awards; a Bachelor in Design from the University of Florida; Professional Membership in the American Society of Interior Designers, ASID; NCIDQ; and Professional Membership in the American Institute of Building Design, AIBD.
Susan established Classical Home Design, Inc., in 2001 to serve Central Florida’s Luxury Home Interior and Building Design needs. CHDI is consistently recognized by our peers as one of the most talented firms in the area. As a 3 time winner of the Live Design Competition at the Southeast Builders Conference (14 states), we are known for quick thinking and creative problem solving. We are solutions driven, utilizing our 30 years of experience in the residential construction, architecture, and interior design fields.
Have a reputation as a Show House Designer, detailing 5 Street of Dreams Homes and many luxury mansions, we hope to take the same skills and offer our expertise to everyone through our new affordable service Home Design Therapy.

With Susan’s unique design knowledge, intuitive personality, and comfortable style, she has created Home Design Therapy as a unique Design Coaching service to assist anyone in creating their own beautiful, happy, healthy, and functional home.
Please visit our parent site for portfolio photos, project videos, and more information:
We can also be found at www.youtube.com/susanberrydesign
Susan P. Berry and Classical Home Design, Inc. do not practice commercial architecture or commercial interior design in the state of Florida.


Client Accolades

“Thank you for helping me love my home again. Everyone says that they feel the change. I enjoy having company again as much as I embrace my alone time. The Library now nurtures my creativity. I didn’t know how much the clutter was causing my brain fog. Thanks for helping me create a beautiful and warm home. Much Kudos.”
– Mary Beth S., Winter Park

“With the help of your services, I now see my home as a sanctuary from my busy business life. At long last, I’ve found a designer who encourages my taste in art and antiques. Everyone admires the way you’ve displayed my hunting trophies.”
Bob Edwards, Ormond Beach


“Dear Susan, We always feel comfortable with the choices you help us make. Thanks for your warmth and honesty. It’s refreshing in a world where most people are looking to sell something.”
Maxine R., Lake Mary

“Thanks for all the sage advice. You helped us save a small fortune on our kitchen remodel, while achieving a much more expensive look. Andrea was thrilled to have the high end appliances. She still keeps promising to use them one day.”
Dave and Andrea L., Windermere